Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Do you think Malaysian Football team is qualified enough and be able to join the World Cup

I think Malaysian Football team is not qualified enough and not be able to join the World Cup because this team not has a skill individu and stamina.If the team from europe make a exercise for match football 6 hours everyday but the Malaysian team make exercise 2 hours everyday.After that,this team not has a spirit team for go to World Cup.They easy give up after match if the team is lost.This team not enough about the motivation and anything.
Many reason if Malaysian not qualified to join the World cup.The Malaysian team never mind about winner.If they mind about win,they has confident about the other match.After that,many player smoking before match and also has a take drug.That thing can give effect to health players.After talking about smoking,this story about eating to players.This team Malaysian don't think about eating.They like eating more fat and oil then vagetable and carbohydrate.If at europe,an country will care that team football about eating.They not give eating eat fat and oil and give effect to healt player.
Everyday,all the team make a exercise for match and to improve the game but the Malaysian football team many rest from exercise.They have a never mind for improve the game.They also not study from mistake after match.They feel after match is finish it game over.

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