Thursday, August 12, 2010

My First Day in Ramadhan

Today is the day's that all muslim people waited to celebrate our first Ramadhan.Month of Ramadhan by returning after a year.Im impatient waiting for the coming of Ramadan this year because I think more trials than in years past. I got up early this morning of the day prior to the wake up early to eat so as to prevent themselves from starving during the the day.
This morning, I feel tired to go to college because of the fast .. hahahahahaa ..... go pound had to ... after that, many trials I have to go fast in one day .... the back of the college, like the ordinary boys Other college-boy for the afternoon sleep ... hahahahahahaa ..... I wake up to go exercise .... after exercise, I go to the cafe to buy food break fast ... the much-awaited time of the visit fast,i go to bath.azan sounded and we eat together.after that, I went down to the prayer room to pray terawih .... today I am feeling quite well when I do fasting...